Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moved !

Hello ! What's wrong with Blogger nowadays ? I can't change the font size/upload pictures/font style/colour . This is so annoying . I guess I won't be blogging that often since MrBlogger is sucha nuisance right now . Most probably , I'll update using MrPlurk . So take care (: && Common test starts on Mondaaaay .

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello ! School was awesome . Biology was quite interesting . Now I know what causes muscle cramps . All thanks to lactic acid . HAAHA . & I skipped training todaaaay because of lactic acid . You get what I meaaan ? Muscle uses glucose to give lactic acid ( which caused muscle cramps ) + more energy . HAHA ! . Oke during POA , learnt about Profit and Loss . Quite interesting but very tedious . After that had Chemistry , went through the paper and went for lunch . Had lunch with buddy and Ravina ( Jo&Beng ) You know , I know . HAHA . Annabelle ( K... ) didn't follow us because she have to go somewhere else . After lunch followed buddy to school as she need to change fr the Olympic thingy then went home with Ravina .

So right now , time : 8.03pm . POA homework done ! I'm so happy ya'know . So I'm going to finish up my geo homework tomorrow and do some revision . HAHA !

Oke , I think I'm going to end my post here . Take Care (:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello ! I did attend school todaay . I'm so happy about it because only god knows how lazy I was this morning but I forced myself to go to school . So as per usual school was mundane but I'm okaay with it . Managed to concentrate during lessons especially the 6 periods of science . How awesome is thaat ? . Haa . Was supposed to attend Biology extra class/remedial but decided to give it a miss . Haa . Assembly was quite interesting , I mean the video . I find it very cool . Haa . So after school had lunch with friends then went home . I'm very tired , I don't wish to argue/fight/cause problem/settle problem . ahh , what ever they call it because I'm seriously not in the mood right now .There's something that's bothering me right now . But I just can't be bothered to think about it . Why must this thing happen again ? Why ? Is it just me or ahh forget it . Enough is enough laa . What's my fault this time ? I have enough laa . Oke , shall end here fr todaaaay . Bye .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello ! Tuesdaaaaaaaaaaaay ! Well I did attend school today even though I was really lazy to wake up this morning . School was as per usual very mundane but I'm used to it alrdy , I guess . But physics was very-very-very-boring-yo ! Luckily physics was last period . During Pe , we had our 2.4km . I have no idea why he asked us to run 2.4km w/o taking the timing and all those stuffs . So had to run 3 rounds arnd the school , 3 BIG rounds oke . I always wonder why is school very mundane nowadays ? Sigh . I realised that I always sigh nowadays , there's no point sighing right ? Haa , but I can't help it . It's too mundane ya'know . I don't know why am I feeling this way right now . But still I have to look at the positive side and go to school , it's for my own good right ? and I always told my mummy this ; When I grow up , I want to own a bungalow or at least a condominium . I'll try my very best to own this big & luxurious house . I'll work really hard until I can afford to buy it if not I want to stay with my parent . Of course , they'll stay with me if I managed to own my dream house . I know it sound unbelivable right ? But I don't care it's my dream since I'm in primary school so in order to fulfill my dream , I'm going to work really hard . HAHA ! We shall wait & see eh . I find it very funny sometimes but anyhoo , I'll try my very best to make my funny dream come true .

Time : 3.38pm , that means I have about 50 minutes more and I'm off to school AGAIN for hockey training but look at MrWeather ............... Oke , I better end my post here . I want to read my storybook ( HAHA! ) really . Oke , bye (:

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore (: I love you very much !
Hello ! Sundaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! Woke up very early today . Mummy woke me up at arnd 7.30am , gave her lots of excuses because I don't want to follow but she kept saying 'it's okeh' . So I had no choice but to follow her . Went to aunty's house fr I-don't-know-what-they-call-it thingy . BbyHydir so adorable . aww really so cute (: Oke at arnd 12pm we went home .

Today is Sundaaaaaaaay so that means tomorrow is Mondaaaaaaaay which is Public Holiday . Yesaaah ! oh I have a few photos to share with youssss .
Awesome right ? I like her eyelashes :D

& I miss Farahbby ^^ very much .

Okee , I'm done . Goodbye (:

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! Still not satisfied with my current blogskin . Will be back tomorrow (:
why is the internet suddenly so slow like snail ? IhateMrBlogger very much . I can't upload the pictures .

Friday, August 07, 2009

HAHAHAAH ! Where's my eyes ? I seriously got faaaat cheeks & my friends call me FISHBALL .
Hello again . Oh I'm so bored . Facebook-ing again and again . Oh I'm sick of it . I want to go AMKhub but uncle's not free . Today's weather is quite oke right ? HAHA ! Why am I talking about weather now ? Oke , I shall stop here for now before you guys fall asleep because I don't know what to blog about . So goodbye .

Hello . Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay ! Like finally right ? HAHA . Oke today school was kind of awesome . Half day ( 2hr30mins only ) . Whaat do you expect right ? HAHA . So the celebration was fine . So yesterday school was acceptable . Had maths group study after school and after that rushed home , changed and went for training . MrWeather was not so kind yesterday , so hot ! But I'm still thankful that Singapore temperature is not as hot as in India ( 45 degree ) . So training was fine .

Common test is arnd the corner . Have to study a lot of things . Received the common test timetable alrdy and guess what ? Geography Elective & Pure Biology is on the SAME DAY ! This is the second time . There's a lot of things to memorize . I don't think all the notes and important stuffs can fit inside my brain . Sigh .

So I think I shall end my post here and continue next time . Television is calling me (: